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Hi, I am Jazmin.

I’ve been in the leadership, business, and management arena for more than 20 years. Through my extensive experience, I have developed time-tested action-based strategies to succeed in leadership roles in all aspects of my life and achieve the things I want in life. I can honestly say I have accomplished (almost) everything I have put my mind to,  with confidence and a leadership mindset. I want to do the same for you. We will discover what is holding you back from the life you are dreaming of. By making small steps every day, it goes a long way. Having a leadership mindset toward your goals, you can achieve anything. I will be taking only a small group of individual private clients because I want to dedicate the time to you and give you the undivided attention you deserve so we can make your goals happen.


My services are for clients that are serious about starting the work and getting results sooner. 

I can think back to when I first started my own company, my first management leadership position, and my first time being a mom. I had many self-doubt days, thinking about what I had to offer to others,  and thinking, do I have what it takes to lead? Do I have the confidence to do this? Back then, I just did it without those skills, and  I wish I would have reached out sooner to someone to help me along the way. I wonder how things would have ended if I had reached out to somebody sooner.


There are many options, but finding the right program, course, or person is the key to leadership success. Look no further; I am here to help you along the way, and there are different options that fit your schedule and your budget. 1-on-1 consultations are perfect for someone who wants that quality time to focus on what matters to you. We will develop an action plan, strategize, analyze, and have accountability sessions that work for you and your goals. I can help you find ways that work for you to optimize your success.   We can discuss ways to level up your leadership life and find the perfect environment that works best for you. 

We can do this together so you can feel your best and optimize your most extraordinary life yet!

Which One

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In this private consulting group, you will have access to networking possibilities with the group at any level. You will have weekly group sessions with me and dedicated time to discuss your pain points and goals. Includes:

  • Private group membership

  • Weekly group membership sessions

  • Delegating session and Q&A

  • One video session a week with me.

  • Leadership positioning for any aspect of your life

  • Enhancing communication styles for every personality

  • Alleviate burnout sessions


will you



Individual one-on-one consulting is perfect for someone who wants that undivided attention to address specific questions, issues, ideas and find the right path to leadership triumph. I will be there to support, hold you accountable, and unlock your potential for success. Some of the skills I can advise you on:

  • Enhance your leadership skills in business and personal life

  • Team management skills

  • Delegate to elevate

  • Optimizing your automize administrative tasks

  • Establishing yourself as an authority in your field

  • Healthy boundary setting

  • Alleviate burnout

  • Mindfulness practices to enhance your life and career



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Adriana Rodriguez

Master Hairstylist

       Jazmin helped me focus on the strategies I needed to market my services to my clients. She made my message clearer to my audience, and she was great to work with.

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Lisa Galindo

Pawz Mobile

    I love working with Jazmin;

she is awesome at collaborating and making it her mission to help me grow my business and personal development. Her level-up approach and empowering support guided me to start my business. She really cares about making an impact on her clients and their audience.

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Lena Foley


       Working with Jazmin has not only made a big impact in my business but for my life as well. I went from not being clear on my direction and focus to having laser sharp goals, a clear vision and now getting clients! She has helped me shift my perspective so I can feel more balanced with my family and still run my business with sanity.

Every time I talk to her I feel empowered and motivated to reach my goals. I'm so grateful to be able to work with such an amazing, insightful woman.
Thank you Jazmin!

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