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Embrace the Power of Healing Arts:
A Journey of Transformation

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Healing Arts, where the power of holistic wellness merges with spiritual awakening to ignite profound transformation. I am thrilled to share my personal journey, which led me to discover the incredible potential of healing arts and embark on a path of self-discovery and service.

In 2021, amidst the height of the pandemic, I found myself teetering on the edge of a burnout breakdown. The pressures of life, motherhood, work, and family reached a tipping point, further exacerbated by being displaced from our home due to renovations. Seeking solace and renewal, I embarked on a spiritual quest to the Fall 2021 Mount Baldy  Retreat in California,  a sacred space of introspection and connection with nature. Participating shikantaza (just sitting) mediation and kinhin (walking meditation) daily dharma talk,  yoga classes, morning chanting, and samu (work meditation). My intention was to immerse myself in zazen meditation, silence, yoga, and alone time. However, an unexpected turn of events occurred when someone in the shared cabin tested positive for Covid, leading me to quarantine away from my family for a week. Little did I know this setback was the catalyst that propelled me further on my path.

In February 2022, I experienced a transformative Reiki session and sound bath healing, and I was captivated by the profound impact it had on my well-being. This encounter ignited a deep love for Reiki and sound baths within me. Driven by my passion, I committed myself to master the art of Reiki, obtaining my Reiki one certification within two months after my healing session and eventually becoming a Reiki III and  Master Teacher in one year. Reiki has become an integral part of my life, and I have been hosting events, incorporating sound baths, and spreading positive energy within our community.

In May 2023, I felt a profound calling to visit Sedona, a place that had been whispering to my soul for 15 years. This journey became a pivotal moment in my life as I encountered a Native American shaman who guided me through astrology readings, a sweat lodge ceremony, cleansing rituals, and a transformative vortex hike. This profound experience instilled in me the unwavering confidence to fully embrace my calling: to be of service to the world by sharing the gift of healing arts.

I now offer a wide range of services, carefully curated to meet the specific needs of my clients. These include Reiki, sound baths, Solefeggio frequencies, crystal work, intuitive card readings, energy work, essential oil customization,  and coaching. By curating and tailoring experiences, I aim to create a positive and transformative environment for each individual. Through a free consultation, we can work together to enhance your life, guiding you from burnouts to breakthroughs.

I invite you to join me on a journey of healing, empowerment, and self-discovery. Together, we can create a harmonious space for you and your loved ones, where suffering is replaced with joy and where you can unlock your fullest potential. Embrace the beauty of healing arts, and allow me to guide you in this remarkable transformational process. Book a free consultation today and take the first step towards a brighter, more vibrant future.

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