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What Employees Want in a Benefits Package

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Finding and retaining good employees is often one of the most difficult tasks involved in running a business. Fortunately, a strong benefits plan helps attract top talent and keep workers happy. Jazmin Guerrero Consulting shares a few ideas.

Standard Benefits

Employees expect larger companies to offer all standard benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. Offering a variety of package options allows employees to customize their benefits to their particular needs. Workers in many industries now expect employers to allow them flexibility with their schedules, such as allowing remote work a few days a week.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points out that employee wellness programs, though not universal, have become increasingly popular. These programs often include coaching and counseling services, seminars, healthy on-site snacks, and other offerings that make it easier and convenient for employees to improve their health.

Unique Benefits

Offering more unique benefits to employees helps your business stand out among the

competition. Data cited on show that over a quarter of workers want smaller

perks like gym memberships or employer-provided pet insurance. It may help to survey your

current employees about additional benefits they would appreciate. Not only would you make

your current workforce happy, but you can also make your business more appealing to potential hires.

Addressing employees’ mental health is beneficial to all involved. Psychologically healthy

workers are likely to be more productive and have lower rates of absenteeism. Encourage

employees to practice proactive stress management. Make sure mental health services are

covered in employee health insurance plans. Foster a peaceful workplace where everyone is

treated with respect. Some offices even have a dedicated relaxation site where people can

spend their breaks.  

Help your workers advance their careers by offering workshops, training programs, and tuition assistance for online education such as degree programs offered by Phoenix University. Online coursework is both convenient and affordable, allowing employees to take classes wherever they have internet access and a computer. Make sure information about these programs is readily available. Offer coaching regarding career paths, and make sure current employees know about other positions they can apply for.

Benefit Portal

It is important that all your employees understand their benefits and are able to access the

information easily. A well-designed benefits website is imperative. Make sure it is easy to use

and free of glitches. Everyone at the company should be able to see how much paid time off

they have available, details about their health insurance, etc. The website should be accessible on traditional computers as well as mobile devices and should be regularly updated.

Unofficial Benefits

A benefits package is an important element of employee compensation, but it is not the only

thing that workers consider. Make sure the workplace is comfortable. Choose ergonomic

furniture and allow people to personalize their workspaces. If uniforms are required, make sure they are high quality and comfortable.  

Generate workplace camaraderie with casual gatherings, office parties, and other fun events.

Keep virtual workers in the loop with invitations to in-person activities. Survey your workforce to see if they would enjoy friendly competitions or workplace games.

Above all, treat your employees with respect. Avoid responsibility creep by being clear about

role responsibilities upfront and not adding additional tasks. If you need employees to do things outside the scope of their responsibilities, let them know that you are aware of what you are asking. Increase pay as merited.

A robust benefits package lets employees know that you value them and want to keep them

happy. In a competitive job market, offering a mix of traditional benefits and more unique perks helps your business stand out.

Credits to Janet Lovelace at Work Can Wait

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