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Self-Care Is Key to a Thriving Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, you have a full plate. And if you're like many others, you don't feel like you have much time to spend on self-care. But if you want to flourish in your business and personal life, prioritizing your physical, mental, and emotional health is critical.

Fortunately, there are simple, holistic ways to practice self-care even when you're busy. Jazmin Guerrero Consulting has listed a few below!

Start a Journal

We all deal with a range of thoughts and emotions that stem from our relationships and

everyday events. Keeping a journal can provide you with an excellent outlet for expressing what you feel and think. Along with reducing stress and helping you regain perspective, writing in a journal each day can boost your IQ, help you process difficult situations, inspire creativity, enhance your self-confidence, and yield many other benefits. You don't have to purchase a fancy journal to get the benefits (though you are free to!), and you can write about anything you want to. Some topics to get you started might include telling about an event that made you happy, encouraging words someone said to you, and goals for self-


Cover Your Financial Bases

Practically speaking, gaining a firmer hold on your finances can do wonders for reducing stress, anxiety, and positioning you to make sound decisions concerning your life and career. If you are worried about your business venture running out of money, look to funding options to help you improve your financial standing. For instance, by securing grants, you get money to invest in your business without having to pay it back.

Unplug from the Digital World

We are exposed to an incredible amount of stimulation every day. Between the internet, our

phones, and TV, a lot is going on! As an entrepreneur, chances are you rely on electronic devices, at least to some extent, to operate your business. But try to designate times of the day where you turn off your devices and embrace the present. Maybe this means doing a five-minute meditation exercise, a breathing exercise, taking a walk through the park, or simply sitting in silence for a few minutes. This can help you reset your mind and recharge for the rest of the day.

Get People to Help

Entrepreneurs need help from others at some point. Think of any tasks and projects that are

overwhelming and distracting you from your overarching goals, and look for professionals who can take care of them for you.

You will need to budget for these services, and the specific services you need will depend on your daily operations. But many entrepreneurs hire web designers, content writers, accountants, virtual assistants, and others to help run a tight ship. You can also use Angi to browse ratings and reviews before hiring local plumbing services to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Exercise Outside

Finally, try to get as much sunshine as you can. In winter, spend time outside in the early

afternoon (when the sun is brightest). Perhaps you can go for a run in your neighborhood or

around the office, or maybe you can do full-on HIIT workouts in your backyard. Not only will

exercising outdoors help you stay fit, but vitamin D will do your body and mind some good.

What’s more, any upgrades you make to your backyard to provide yourself a better workout

space will also boost your home’s appraisal value!

Don't keep pushing off your self-care because you don't have time for it. You must make time to care for your physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing, and once you get into a routine, you will be glad you did. Consider the tips above to develop a self-care rhythm that sticks!

Need help in achieving a successful business and lifestyle? Looking for new strategies

to grow your business and yourself? Jazmin Guerrero Consulting can help! Book a

Credits to Janet Lovelace at Work Can Wait

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