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How to Take Small Steps Toward Big Business

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Our businesses are made up of everything we do to perpetuate their success. However, we

often get so caught up painting the big picture that we forget that it’s the details that hold

everything together. Today, Jazmin Guerrero presents a few tips on how to stick to your master plan by keeping tabs on the little things you do each day that make your business tick.


Being organized is important both at home and at work. As a business owner, everything from having a clutter-free desk to the neatness of your paperwork streamlines your operations. Another example of an organizational strategy that matters is maintaining a 2021 payroll calendar. Even if you only have a few people on the payroll, having a system in place to track time, accounts receivable, and your employees’ days on and off will keep your business moving. This also applies to your workflow systems, which, like a payroll calendar, are often created using a template so you don’t have to expend time and energy on getting set up.


Networking is the process of building a group of people you can call when you need something or that call you when they need your products or services. By registering with industry organizations, the local Chamber of Commerce, and local business networking groups, you’ll have an opportunity to get your name out into your community. While you mix and mingle, make sure to bring plenty of business cards (you could also use a digital business card) and any company swag, like pens, can koozies, or branded hand sanitizer that you’d like to give away.


Managing your employees, yourself, and even your customers isn’t just a matter of telling

people what to do. Instead, as MTD Management Training Specialists points out, it’s the sum of many different skills, including empowering those around you, thinking strategically, making decisions, listening, and delegating. Jazmin Guerrero Consulting can work with you one-on-one to enhance your leadership and team management skills. She also offers group sessions that will help your upper management and supervisory staff learn how to work better as a team. Once you understand how to put management strategies in place, you can do so seamlessly and will see an almost immediate and positive impact on your business.


Your mother always told you that honesty was the best policy and, more than likely, that you

would get into more trouble if you lied than if you simply told the truth. Well, the same goes with business. It may not always be pleasant, but you have to tell the truth to everyone involved in your business. Not only does this create trust, but also shows your customers and employees that you respect their intelligence. We all know that mistakes happen. These do not have to define you. In fact, most of the time, it’s what you do after a snafu that sets the tone of your business. Rev Local even explains why and how to respond to negative reviews online, which gives you a new opportunity to accept fault and be honest about what happened and how you plan to resolve any lingering issues.

There are big decisions you have to make every year to keep your business running. Do not

lose sight of the fact that these are supported by small steps you take each day. From staying

organized to understanding your management style, the details help you paint a better picture so that you can clearly see where your business is and where it’s going. As an added benefit, when you maintain a habit of doing the little stuff, the big stuff won’t seem quite as challenging.

Credits to Gloria Martinez started to celebrate the advancements women have made and inspire them to become entrepreneurs and seek promotions in the workplace. Through this medium, she also shares her business expertise and vision to spotlight women’s achievements in the workplace.

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