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How to Build Your Dream Work-From-Home Business

Few things rival the freedom that comes with working from home. If you’re sick of office politics, pointless meetings, and long commutes, consider making the leap to entrepreneurship! These days, anyone can start a business with the help of a few online tools. Getting started is the hardest part. There’s a lot to do, and it’s easy to feel paralyzed by the looming decisions on your horizon. Breaking up your to-do list into manageable chunks is the key to staying organized and avoiding overwhelm. In this article, we explore some of the first steps you should take as you prepare to launch your home business.

Decide on an Idea

Your first step is deciding what type of business you want to start. There are a number of things to consider as you evaluate different business ideas. For example, Benetrends Financial suggests ensuring that your business idea draws on your existing skills, talents, or interests. This will set you up to succeed right from the start. Once you have a few ideas, do some market research to check the demand for your product or service. You’ll also want to estimate the startup costs for different business ideas and make a plan to test your idea before going all-in. Most importantly, make sure your business idea can realistically be done from home!

Set Up Your LLC

Once you have your business idea, you’ll have to choose a name and business entity. Many

home-based businesses start out as sole proprietorships. However, there are benefits to

forming an LLC right out of the gate. A limited liability company, as the name implies, offers

personal liability protection. Compared to a corporation, LLCs enjoy management flexibility and tax advantages. If you decide to set up an LLC for your home business, you’ll need to name a registered agent. Consider using an online registered agent service—just make sure you compare reviews to find the best service.

Get Your Business License

Depending on the type of business you’re running and where you live, you might need certain licenses and/or permits from your city, county, or state. For example, many home-based businesses require a home occupation permit from the city. You’ll also need to look into property use and zoning permits, as well as general business licenses and permits. You should be able to find all the information you need on city and state websites.

Design a Home Office

Next, you’re ready to set up a home office where you can work productively and free from

distractions. recommends considering your needs carefully before

designing the layout of your workspace. Will you be hosting clients in your office? Will your work mainly be done on the computer? Do you need large workspaces for laying out plans and designs? What about storage for supplies? Make sure your home office complements your workflow and enables you to work as efficiently as possible.

Separate Your Business and Personal Finances

From the very beginning of your home-based business, aim to keep your finances separate.

Combining business and personal finances will make your life very complicated, especially

when tax time rolls around. Open a dedicated business bank account that you can use for

business-related spending and saving. You may also want to apply for a business credit card.

Finally, set up accounting software that you can use for tracking business expenses, income,

taxes, invoices, upcoming bills, and other financial information.

Work With a Coach

Hiring a leadership coach when starting a business can help to provide the support, advice, and insight needed to effectively navigate the complexities of launching a successful venture. Coach Jazmin Guerrero has developed time-tested strategies that will grow your leadership skills so you can find more success in business.

You won’t regret starting a home business. While running your own business from home is a lot of work, it’s also very rewarding! Set yourself up for success by choosing the right business idea, forming an LLC, designing a home office, and separating your finances. You’ll be an entrepreneur before you know it!

Credits to Janet Lovelace at Work Can Wait

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