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Effective Techniques for Simplifying App Rollouts

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Releasing new technology can be as stressful as it is exciting. On one hand, you’re finally getting to take your hard work and put it out in the world. On the other, app rollouts can often feel like an “anything that can go wrong will go wrong” scenario. To help, here’s a guide for

techniques you can use to make app rollouts go as smoothly as possible:

Get Your Ducks in a Row

Before you roll out any new technology, take some time to assess your business’s workflow

overall. Things get complicated — fast — when new technology goes out into the world. Having inefficient workflows in other departments will give your tech team even more stress and leave the whole company in an unnecessarily vulnerable position. It’s also a good idea to ensure all your employees are working with high-powered and up-to-date laptops and computers to ensure that the app rollout is smoothly implemented. If you need to purchase any employees a new laptop, be sure to visit Tech Pro Daily for expert reviews on laptops and other tech gear.

For example, it may be wise to invest in ERP business software for medium-sized businesses

before releasing your new app. In any period of business growth, it’s absolutely essential to keep a close eye on your financial health to keep the momentum going. The right

organizational, accounting, and business management platforms can help you spot successes — as well as areas that need improvement — early enough to foster positive change going forward.

Release in Stages

App development is never a one-and-done scenario. No matter how thoroughly you test your

app — or how functional you think it is — odds are your first set of users will discover some bugs. That’s why a staged release schedule is such an important — and effective — tool for app rollouts.

Start with a round of alpha testers. For this first release, it’s best to use paid, professional app testers. These are people who have a systematic, structured approach to testing new apps. This is your best bet for catching bugs, dead-end pathways, and other issues that decrease functionality. Alpha testers can even give you feedback about the user experience that could help make your app more usable and intuitive.

Next, release it to your beta group. Beta testers typically get apps at reduced or no cost with the understanding that they can expect to discover issues. Although alpha testers will go through your app systematically, beta testers are using it for its intended purpose. There may be issues that don’t arise until the app is used for an extended period of time or in a specific way. These are precisely the kind of problems you can address once your beta group has used the app for a while. Collect feedback and make changes to ensure your official product is the best it can be.

Prepare to Be Busy

When you do release your app to the public, prepare to be busy. You’ll need to have your tech

team on hand to quickly respond to any issues that crop up in the early release. At this point, you’re looking at the law of large numbers, and any problems that didn’t come up in early testing are far more likely to appear. Work with your team to make sure that you can trust you’ll have someone on hand to respond to issues as they crop up.

Similarly, your customer experience team may need to put in extra hours as well. If you don’t

already have a dedicated team for working with customers, now is the time to get one. Your

tech team will be busy making changes, and they may not have the customer service skills

necessary to navigate unhappy customers. To retain customer loyalty, it’s critical to have a plan to diffuse the situation. Hire a team with strong interpersonal skills and basic tech knowledge to serve as a go-between from customers to the tech side.

Finally, work in time to reward yourself and celebrate this milestone in your business’s journey. Following these techniques can make your app rollouts more successful and less stressful, and you deserve some recognition for your hard work. We hope this article gives you the tools you need to release apps with ease and push your business forward.

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Credits to Cody MacBride of Tech Dec

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