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Common Derailers for Business Leaders

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

It’s normal to make mistakes, but some can be bigger than others and even derail

your career. Core competencies such as leadership and management skills,

emotional intelligence, and sharing recognition, among others, are critical for you,

your team, and your business.

We want you to be prepared for the common issues business leaders face. Jazmin

Guererro shares a list of common derailers for business leaders and gathered a few

tips on how to avoid them. Let’s get right to it!

5 Common Derailers for Business Leaders

Lack of Leadership

You’re not just a boss; you are a business leader. Your most vital role is to guide,

motivate, and lead your team through their positions. They look to you for inspiration,

guidance, and instruction; you have to be prepared to give them those things.

It’s also important for both you and your team to share recognition. Everyone

appreciates appreciation, and it helps develop deeper relationships.

Lack of Emotional Intelligence

It’s essential to be self-aware, manage your risk factors, and empathize with what

others are feeling. This is especially true for business leaders. Emotional intelligence

allows business leaders to identify and understand the needs of both their customers

and employees and operate the business accordingly. They also take care of their

emotional, physical, and mental well-being, as these can be triggers for derailers.

Difficult Temperament

As a business leader, you are one of the faces of the company. Business leaders

typically deal with a lot of stress and many, many people. However, it’s crucial to

maintain a calm temperament and display behaviors and attitudes that align with the

company culture and values. Employing an unruly temperament with stakeholders

can make cooperation difficult and unpleasant.

Lack of Coachability

Being a business leader requires learning. The most successful business leaders

use everything as an opportunity for growth. Learn from your mistakes, embrace

employee feedback, continually work to improve your skills, and don’t shrug a

shoulder at the advice of a colleague.

Denying Self-Improvement

The key to being a good business leader is to grow continually. There is always an

opportunity for self-improvement, whether it be from a few free courses online,

coaching with Jazmin, or by going back to school and taking your education to the

next level with an MBA.

Whether you are learning about business ethics, finance, marketing, or economics, it

can all allow you to develop your business acumen further. The world is constantly

changing, and as a business leader, you need to know as much as possible. If you

are not willing to continually learn, you could derail your business all by yourself.

Take the Lead

A business leader isn’t just someone who bosses people around; a leader guides

their team, grows their skills, and gives their all, with a smile on their face (or at least

without screaming at someone). Take the initiative; preserve your business and

career by following our tips on common derailers for business leaders. Finally, work

with Jazmin to develop your leadership skills and mindset further! Book a session

Credits to Cody MacBride of Tech Deck

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