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A Guide for Parents on Earning a Degree Before Going Back to Work

Wherever you are on your journey, whether you're embarking into a new leadership role for the first time, or you want to bring your existing business and life to new horizons, or want to lead in your personal life, Jazmin Guerrero Consulting is just a phone call away. Reach out for more info today!

Most parents want to maximize their income for time spent away from their children. You are

likely no exception. If you are contemplating how to get back to work in a lucrative career, you

may be considering going back to school. Here are some tips on finding an affordable degree to improve your business acumen, presented to you by Jazmin Guerrero Consulting.

Why Go Back to School?

One of any parent's main priorities is supporting their family financially. According to a recent

report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, college graduates' average

starting salaries are on the rise at $55,260 (a 2.5% increase from 2019). 

Which Type of Degree Should You Seek?

The type of degree you pursue is a personal decision. Factors that could impact your conclusion include your current level of education, your interests and your career plans for the future. If your current credentials include a high school diploma, Discover notes that you may consider starting out with an associate's degree from your local community college. Once you earn this degree at the affordable community college rate, you can begin taking courses to pursue your bachelor's degree.

However, if you have a bachelor's degree already, you may dream of pursuing a master's

degree. You may need to take advantage of a specialized program that allows you to take

classes at your own pace. A master's in entrepreneurship is an excellent way to enhance your business skills if you plan to run a company or work in the corporate world in the future.

Of course, you’ll want to match your degree of choice with the field you are both interested in

and have a penchant toward. Envision what you want your resume to reflect once you’ve

wrapped up your education. Creating a professional-looking CV that’s kept up to date doesn’t

have to take long at all, nor does it have to be completed by a resume service. These days,

there are a number of resume templates to use that allow you to customize your information, color combos, and whatever graphics you wish to include. Better yet, tools are available for free, and you can return the file to edit anytime you’d like.

How Can You Go to School While Raising a Child?

The reality is that pursuing an education while raising a child will be a challenge. But, just like

you tell your kiddo, you can do hard things. It will take plenty of self-discipline and planning, but it is feasible. Tips for pursuing a degree as seamlessly as possible include:

  • Asking for support

  • Rising early to study before your family wakes

  • Managing time well

  • Learning to say no

  • Setting boundaries with your family

  • Sticking to a strict routine

Would an Online Degree be Right for You?

Some universities offer online education options for people who cannot make it to classes for

traditional learning. For example, with a degree in teaching, you can begin sharing your love of learning with students. The benefit of online learning is the flexibility it provides students to

balance their work, school, and family lives. When you search for a school with online degree

programs, ensure it is properly accredited and offers competitive tuition rates.

How Can You Fund a Degree?

Whether you have never applied for student financial aid before or you are still paying off your loans from your undergraduate degree, you may be wondering how to fund the higher education you crave. If you seek a degree at a low tuition rate, it is possible you could fund it with your current household income.

For some families, though, this simply is not doable. To fund your educational pursuit, conduct research online into ways to pay for it. The federal government provides grants and loans for students who qualify financially.

Earning a degree, regardless of the type, takes hard work and dedication. Add in caring for a

family, and it can be downright intimidating. Though you will have your work cut out for you, you can raise children as you pursue your dream of higher education.

Credits to Janet Lovelace at Work Can Wait

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